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Alexander MacBeth is the best place to go for bespoke kitchens in Glasgow. With a truly unique service, we can handle every stage of the process for you. From developing initial designs to actually building and fitting the kitchen furnishings; Alexander MacBeth has it all covered. If you’re looking for a premium kitchen designer in Glasgow/Paisley, then fill in the enquiry form below.

All Alexander Macbeth work is carried out by a highly skilled team.Alexander Macbeth will work around the clock and dedicate all their time to your kitchen project. Everything is managed to ensure that the best results are provided, in as short a time scale as possible. The team’s experience and professionalism allow them to carry out all jobs to the highest standard possible. It’s something we pride ourselves on at Alexander MacBeth; we want to raise the bar in this industry.

Customer service is the single most crucial part of our business. We know that we’d be nothing without our customers. Therefore, it’s our personal mission to ensure that every client gets all the care and attention they deserve. Understandably, designing and installing an entirely new kitchen is a significant task. It’s a big investment for you, which means you’re keen to get excellent value for money. The last thing we want is for our customers to feel shortchanged, or like their money was wasted. As a result, we aim to maximise customer satisfaction by maintaining the highest standards imaginable. This guarantees that every customer is left extremely happy with their new kitchen.

Our kitchen design service is built around you from the very first point of contact. All the design ideas come from you – we’re just here to lend a helping hand. You may have a vision for your kitchen, and as the top kitchen designers in Paisley, we’re here to make it a reality. We stay connected with you through the entire process as well. Our team is always on-hand to answer any questions you have, and we make communication easy. This ensures we’re all on the same page, moving towards the same goal.

Alexander Macbeth have over 25 years of experience as top-level kitchen designers in Glasgow. As such, we’ve completed hundreds of projects during this time. This level of expertise is essential in kitchen design as you need to sure that you can trust the company. At Alexander MacBeth, we’ve honed our skills and learned the best ways of approaching each project. Consequently, we’re able to provide such a high level of workmanship and attention to detail in everything we do. We’ve learnt from customer feedback and tweaked our service here and there over these 25 years. It’s allowed us to grow into a company with a considerable reputation. As a result, our service continues to improve year after year.

Furthermore Alexander Macbeth is a self-employed, family run business. We are not like some of the big brands offering kitchen design who are only focused on getting your money. Instead, we’re focused on your experience. We want to transform your kitchen and breathe new life into your home. It’s something we’ve always been passionate about, which is why we take such a personal approach. By getting to know you, we can design a kitchen that reflects your personality!

Additionally, Alexander Macbeth provide free kitchen design consultations to everyone. Fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our team will organise a home visit, where we can look around your existing kitchen. Here, we can work on a few initial designs and get all the key information from you. By actually being inside your home, it lets us visualise the plans with more ease.

Plus, Alexander Macbeth give free no obligation quotes, and you only pay in full when the project is complete. If you’re not satisfied, then you don’t pay until your kitchen ticks all the right boxes. Again, this is all part of our exceptional customer service; if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Many kitchen designers in Paisley will charge you the full price before the project has even begun! To Alexander Macbeth, that’s ridiculous. So, don’t pay until the dust settles and your new kitchen is ready to rock and roll.


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Q 2018 Kitchen Home Improvement Winners

At Alexander MacBeth, we can proudly claim to be award winning kitchen designers. We were nominated for the Best Kitchen Company at the Scottish Home Improvement Awards in 2018. This is a very big awards ceremony that brings together all of the top companies from across the whole of Scotland. Loads of businesses try and get nominated for these awards, and we were one of them.

Not only that, but we got all the way to the final two, picking up a silver medal for second place. This is an award we cherish as it proves how hard we work every day. We can honestly claim to be one of the top two kitchen designers in Paisley and Glasgow - even the whole of Scotland as well. Again, this helps give our customers more confidence when choosing us to provide their service. So, if you want award-winning kitchen design, then fill in the enquiry form below to get started with us!

In conjunction with this, we’re also one of the few traders who is recognised by some top authorities. As a Which? Trusted Trader, we’re recommended by one of the biggest consumer care companies around. There are stringent requirements to gain this title, and we’re proud to display it to. We also wear the badge of approval as well, which shows how trustworthy and reliable we are.

Lastly, we have a 9.96 rating on With nearly 200 reviews on this site alone, it goes a long way to show what other people think of us. You don’t get this high level of positive feedback without doing something right! Checkatrade is extremely vigilant when assessing companies on their site, and we passed all the vital checks.

Q The Process

Essentially, we will design and build a bespoke kitchen that’s made specifically for you. After all, this is your kitchen, not anyone else’s! It should be a reflection of yourself and fit in with the interior design of your home. So, you have complete creative freedom when choosing how you want it to look, what you want in it, and so on.

At Alexander MacBeth, we want to manufacture your kitchen so it makes the most of your space. This often means we call upon innovative design ideas to help fit things into small areas. The beauty of our service is that it leaves you with a very practical kitchen - as well as a gorgeous one.

To make things even better, we do all this for the same cost - sometimes less - than national retailers. You can save money with our service as we do everything for you. Our team designs and fits the whole kitchen - everything goes through us.

Q 1 - Consultation

All customers receive a free consultation with absolutely no obligation at all. Alexander will personally visit your home to give you this consultation. In this stage, the purpose is to establish your main requirements. We want to know your general ideas for the kitchen, what type of budget you’re looking at, and so on. This lets us figure out the general cost of the project so we can give you a fair and accurate quote.

It’s well worth noting that 99% of the time, the project doesn’t go over the quoted fee. If you don’t believe us, then look at our page on for proof! We very rarely go over budget, and when we do, it’s not by a substantial amount. So, when you receive a quote, you can be sure that it’ll cost around that amount.

During the consultation, you will be shown a range of our kitchen styles to look at. We have traditional and modern styles, with so many innovative storage solutions, gorgeous finishes, and a host of practical features. You can pick and choose the type of things you want in your kitchen, which helps us with the next stage.

Q 2 - Design Process

In this stage, your new kitchen will be designed using state-of-the-art 3D software. Why do we do this? Primarily, it gives you a more accurate look at the final kitchen design. We can manipulate the 3D image so you can see it from various angles. It’s far better than staring at a 2D drawing on a piece of paper!

As one of the leading kitchen designers in Glasgow, Alexander MacBeth has more than enough experience in the design process. We take all of your requirements on-board and begin moulding a kitchen to your desires. This is why it’s so important to provide as much info as possible during your consultation. It gives us a blueprint to form the design from.

We don’t proceed to the installation until you’ve given us the green light. You get to see the design and critique it as harshly as possible. Don’t hold back! We need to know if it meets your vision, or there’s no point in manufacturing it. Once you’re happy with the final design, we can move ahead with the process.

Q 3 - Installation

Our highly-skilled team will professionally install your new kitchen. A highlight of our service is that we don’t call on subcontractors to do the installation. The majority of national retailers don’t have their own team of contractors and shift this stage off to someone else. By having our own team, it allows us to project manage everything.

The co-founders of the company - Alexander and Liam - will personally project manage the installation process. They work with the team to ensure the design is accurately brought to life. All the while, we stay in communication with you the whole time. You get updates on the installation, so you’re never out of the loop.

Our attention to detail is what sets this service apart from the rest. We ensure that every tiny element of your kitchen is installed to the highest standards. When you see the finished installation, we want you to cry with happiness. So, feel free to get in touch today by filling in the enquiry form if you want a dedicated service like this.

Unlike other kitchen designers in Paisley and Glasgow, our job doesn’t end with the installation!

Q 4 - Seal Of Approval

When the installation is complete, Alexander and Liam personally put their Seal Of Approval on it. This lets you know that everything has been completed to your requirements and that we’re happy with the job.

Of course, we need your seal of approval as well, so let us know if you’re happy with your new kitchen. Tell us if it meets or surpasses your expectations. If it doesn’t, then we’re not finished. We’ll get back to work and touch up a few things here and there until you’re truly satisfied. Then, you get the seal of approval and can enjoy your brand new kitchen upgrade.

At Alexander MacBeth, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we get from customers. So, please leave a review for us down below, and head to our Checkatrade profile too. Be as honest as possible, we love hearing feedback as it helps us improve the service even more.

Q Questions?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have for our team. If you want more information on our company or the entire process, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You’ll see an enquiry form at the bottom of this page where you can type a message and send it to us. Ask as many questions as you want; we’re here to help! Don’t forget to give us your name and accurate contact information so we can get in touch with you.

Similarly, if you’d like to enjoy a totally bespoke kitchen design service in Glasgow and Paisley, then use the form to request a consultation. Our team will be in touch shortly, and we can begin your journey to a beautiful kitchen upgrade!

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